Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grand canyon united nation sign

Anyone hear the united nations took over the grand canyon?  Go figure, but I thought it was still a part of the united states.

Carlsbad caverns in so. new mexico

Park rangers bugging their eyes out and carrying tasers.

Do squirrels go terrorist now?  Do we need park rangers carrying these things?  Stop the insanity.

Dr. Bhutar 9 steps

Tom ridge and the 2002 dhs talk

Tom ridge did a 2002 talk in which he talked about warrentless searches, roadside checkpoints, dhs at shopping malls, and essentially dhs in all aspects of our lives.

Newt gingrich and two sets of laws?

Did newt talk about how we need two sets of laws?  A constitution for regular folks and then a seperate set for terrorists?   Kidding right?

So now the constitution only applies to some people?

Perhaps those "true patriots" in the new rainbow 6 first person shooter are such terrorists?  Or how about those groups mentioned in the southern poverty law center magazine article?

Southern Poverty Law center
Rainbow. 6

Goldman sachs and the technocratic bankinf dictatorship.

It seems that news articles are appearing about how goldman sachs is openly telling europe its technocratic leadership is a dictatorship.  A new world international order led by banking elites.

Goldman sachs
New world order
Banking dictatorship