Monday, September 17, 2012

Healthy eating, buffalo wild wings, and corn syrup?

In my adventures in dining series, I travel around the bay area hoping to find places to eat that don't have high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated products, and other nasty things.
So this is really difficult.

A new place opened up in Brentwood 94513 called buffalo wild wings.   The atmosphere is a sports bar look and feel with video screens 365 around you.  Sports jerseys, neon signs, cfl light bulbs, and an e-verify employment sign seem to be the norm.  They even have a full bar in the other half of the place separated by a small wall.

The manager Gil seemed cool, as I asked him for the ingredients list, and how they prepare food.
It started off a little shaky, with cheese on top dishes being microwaved.   Dishes with cheese comes out of the frier, put cheese on, and then heated in the microwave, and then onto your plate.
The allergens list was printed out, but the ingredients can only be shown by ripping off the sticker from the frozen food box.   By the way, the food, fries, and appetizers come frozen for your fast food entertainment, distributed by a leading logistics company.

Corporate also makes sure that the kids hangman game is called "shark attack" so it isn't poltically incorrect.

Interesting place, I had some wings and the garlic infused mushrooms.  The sauces were certainly good, just beware of the ingredients.  Not all sauces have hfcs, like their medium, but the hony bbq does, as I am sure others do as well.

Is this place a fast food joint with a bar?   It comes off as a family friendly hooters.
Don't ever feel ashamed asking "what's in that".     Cheers