Thursday, October 25, 2012

fix the debt

Campaign to Fix the Debt

companies signing some kind of manifesto to "fix the debt"

Monday, October 8, 2012


I think we are all asking the wrong questions of people.   We need to be asking what people really want out of America.    What is it they see as America, and what makes it great.   Have them tell you what they want out of their country, because then it is much easier to communicate with them.   Not everyone wants the same things we do.   Its great to think of America as a Republic, where a limited government represents us and guards our liberty.  Some may very well want a socialist system, or perhaps democracy.  Perhaps they were taught that from a young age, perhaps their parents taught them.

People are not intrinsically stupid, corrupt, or evil.   There is a reason for everything we do.
Remember that based on how you were brought up, put through school, those people who instructed you, will make up who you are inside.  There is now way to remove that from your system, its always there.

You were either born without sufficient nutrients and not have enough brain capacity to think, or you were born with a fighting chance in life.    After that its all about environment and training.  Training can come at the hand of your parents, family, and those around us.   Based on this training you are going to think a particular way or not.   You are rarely going to break out of your base training and jump to the next thought system.   It can happen of course, but extraordinary circumstances have to happen for that as well.

So my question to everyone, is what kind of America do you want?    Where do you want to live?
Currently we live in an America that has been at war and conflict for 100 years with someone, mostly the middle east.  As long as they are not Americans, and they have natural resources, all bets are off.
You have to ask yourself, why?   Why is it that these people over there are so different from us?   Why do they hate our freedoms?   Why Actually, they don't.   The mothers and fathers of other countries love their children just like we do, they love their country, and they love life.   Why do they hate us so much, its because WERE OVER THERE, we attack them, we mess with their country, we mess with their lives, we upset their way of life.   It is different than ours, but its theirs.

I don't plan on addressing the Muslim .vs. Christian thing too much, but everyone says that "Muslims want to rule the world, and spread their religion of hate".  How about Christans?  Don't we want to "spread the gospel" for everyone to hear?  My take on things is there are radical sects to every religion.   There is the Wahabi sect of Muslims and the abortion clinic bombing sect of Christians.  How about that church that protests war at soldier funerals, thats pretty disrespectful in any religion.   People need to understand the difference between religion and lifestyle choices, race, creed, and homeland.  Does being born in America make you Christian any different than being born in Israel make you Jewish?   It should be about choice.  We choose how, who and where we worship, just like we choose where we want to live.

If you choose to live in the USA, then you choose to live in a Republic, of which there is a constitution.  We have rules, deal with it.

Once again, I ask you what kind of America do you want?