Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eagle Forum - Agenda 21

What is Agenda 21?  How is your local government work for you?  How about your state or federal government?  Now consider what your global government is going to offer us as people of the world?

Heading on over to Sacramento for the Eagle Forum California, I wanted to find out what they had to say.

Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates was up first, and talking about public private partnerships, global governance, Agenda 21, Global to local action plans, and how we can take back our country through our local school boards.

Check out the Habitat 1 conference proceedings (report 1976), which talk about taking public control of private lands, which seems to be "indispensable" to the United Nations overall plans.

The Global Bio-Diversity Assessment (pg 773) talks about an 85% population reduction.   Essentially we are talking about a global technocratic eugenics movement which consider people as cattle.

note: please read the "Earth Charter" on Social Justice.

Education for a Global Citizenship sounds like such a great idea, after all we do all live in this world.  Shouldn't we treat each other with respect and share the work, responsibility and care for each other?  Unfortunately giving this much power and control to government achieves exactly the opposite.   Total government control over every aspect of human life means tagging and controlling your life, and telling you what you can and cannot do, how you spend your time, energy, faith and education.

"Don't think of being an American citizen, but a global citizen".  This thought of reverse nationalism is going to take us towards a world communitarian society, in which NGO (non governmental organizations) will ultimately control every aspect of our life, enforced by the government of your choice. When a global government is installed, there will be nowhere you can go without the long arm of the United Nations encumbering your life.

term: Look up New Global Citizens   "Mobilizing A Generation"

Facilities of Control

RFID spy chips
Intersection Cameras
Smart Water Meters
Smart Energy and Smart Gas Meters over a microwave network
Wildlands and Smart Growth projects

Leverage of control such as the Emergency War Power Act implemented under Wilson.

A very interesting note, is that the Income tax amendment and the Federal Reserve Act were also both implemented under Wilson.  He certainly had a busy, busy presidency.    Just look up our friend Col Edward Mandel House on Google.

Of course FDR decided to do one better, and included all people and all property under his revision of this emergency war power act.    For every president onward, this act has been renewed and expanded.

President Bush expanded it, and used it to the government benefit after 9-11.

President Obama just expanded it this month.

In order to forestall any such United Nations takeover of this country, we need to remember the most important aspect of our consitution.  The purpose of our constitution is to protect our rights and limit government.  The constitution does not give us rights.  The constitution binds government, and instructs them on the aspect of state and local life they are not allowed to intrude into.

Organizations like ICLEI are unconstitutional because they require local government to hand over planning rights and agreements to an international organization which is specifically prohibited by our constitution.

Am I properly getting this across to you?   The constitution governs how "we the people" want our nation to be run.   We can't give over our sovereignty to a world government and still believe we have the capacity to govern.

Global government will seem like an unstoppable boot pressed against your head until you comply with their wishes.   This is not freedom, this is tyranny.

I suggest that we all take a long hard look at these facts, do research and figure out how you and your family want to live into the future.


Monday, April 2, 2012

make original thought, choose what you believe, be unique

Don't just believe something you listen to.  Think about what you choose to cooperate with.

Don't just be sheep, and follow the herd.   Listen to latest April 1 Alex Jones interview, Sunday.

Why is it, that when someone speaks an idea you are not comfortable with, or disagree with, that makes you so nervious?   There are numerous instances where mere ideas are shrouded in mystery, people killed, information burned and ultimately forgotten.    Are you contributing to covering up the eventual blossom of an idea by simply ignoring it?   Or are you instead part of the problem where you actually go out of your way to cover up an idea just because it doesn't agree with you?

Bright scientists, Dim Notions.  Check into Francis Crick

"An Influential set of Chaps", The X club and royal society politics, 1864-1865

Dave Mustaine Unchained: Infowars Exclusive