Thursday, October 25, 2012

fix the debt

Campaign to Fix the Debt

companies signing some kind of manifesto to "fix the debt"

Monday, October 8, 2012


I think we are all asking the wrong questions of people.   We need to be asking what people really want out of America.    What is it they see as America, and what makes it great.   Have them tell you what they want out of their country, because then it is much easier to communicate with them.   Not everyone wants the same things we do.   Its great to think of America as a Republic, where a limited government represents us and guards our liberty.  Some may very well want a socialist system, or perhaps democracy.  Perhaps they were taught that from a young age, perhaps their parents taught them.

People are not intrinsically stupid, corrupt, or evil.   There is a reason for everything we do.
Remember that based on how you were brought up, put through school, those people who instructed you, will make up who you are inside.  There is now way to remove that from your system, its always there.

You were either born without sufficient nutrients and not have enough brain capacity to think, or you were born with a fighting chance in life.    After that its all about environment and training.  Training can come at the hand of your parents, family, and those around us.   Based on this training you are going to think a particular way or not.   You are rarely going to break out of your base training and jump to the next thought system.   It can happen of course, but extraordinary circumstances have to happen for that as well.

So my question to everyone, is what kind of America do you want?    Where do you want to live?
Currently we live in an America that has been at war and conflict for 100 years with someone, mostly the middle east.  As long as they are not Americans, and they have natural resources, all bets are off.
You have to ask yourself, why?   Why is it that these people over there are so different from us?   Why do they hate our freedoms?   Why Actually, they don't.   The mothers and fathers of other countries love their children just like we do, they love their country, and they love life.   Why do they hate us so much, its because WERE OVER THERE, we attack them, we mess with their country, we mess with their lives, we upset their way of life.   It is different than ours, but its theirs.

I don't plan on addressing the Muslim .vs. Christian thing too much, but everyone says that "Muslims want to rule the world, and spread their religion of hate".  How about Christans?  Don't we want to "spread the gospel" for everyone to hear?  My take on things is there are radical sects to every religion.   There is the Wahabi sect of Muslims and the abortion clinic bombing sect of Christians.  How about that church that protests war at soldier funerals, thats pretty disrespectful in any religion.   People need to understand the difference between religion and lifestyle choices, race, creed, and homeland.  Does being born in America make you Christian any different than being born in Israel make you Jewish?   It should be about choice.  We choose how, who and where we worship, just like we choose where we want to live.

If you choose to live in the USA, then you choose to live in a Republic, of which there is a constitution.  We have rules, deal with it.

Once again, I ask you what kind of America do you want?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Healthy eating, buffalo wild wings, and corn syrup?

In my adventures in dining series, I travel around the bay area hoping to find places to eat that don't have high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated products, and other nasty things.
So this is really difficult.

A new place opened up in Brentwood 94513 called buffalo wild wings.   The atmosphere is a sports bar look and feel with video screens 365 around you.  Sports jerseys, neon signs, cfl light bulbs, and an e-verify employment sign seem to be the norm.  They even have a full bar in the other half of the place separated by a small wall.

The manager Gil seemed cool, as I asked him for the ingredients list, and how they prepare food.
It started off a little shaky, with cheese on top dishes being microwaved.   Dishes with cheese comes out of the frier, put cheese on, and then heated in the microwave, and then onto your plate.
The allergens list was printed out, but the ingredients can only be shown by ripping off the sticker from the frozen food box.   By the way, the food, fries, and appetizers come frozen for your fast food entertainment, distributed by a leading logistics company.

Corporate also makes sure that the kids hangman game is called "shark attack" so it isn't poltically incorrect.

Interesting place, I had some wings and the garlic infused mushrooms.  The sauces were certainly good, just beware of the ingredients.  Not all sauces have hfcs, like their medium, but the hony bbq does, as I am sure others do as well.

Is this place a fast food joint with a bar?   It comes off as a family friendly hooters.
Don't ever feel ashamed asking "what's in that".     Cheers

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eagle Forum - Agenda 21

What is Agenda 21?  How is your local government work for you?  How about your state or federal government?  Now consider what your global government is going to offer us as people of the world?

Heading on over to Sacramento for the Eagle Forum California, I wanted to find out what they had to say.

Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates was up first, and talking about public private partnerships, global governance, Agenda 21, Global to local action plans, and how we can take back our country through our local school boards.

Check out the Habitat 1 conference proceedings (report 1976), which talk about taking public control of private lands, which seems to be "indispensable" to the United Nations overall plans.

The Global Bio-Diversity Assessment (pg 773) talks about an 85% population reduction.   Essentially we are talking about a global technocratic eugenics movement which consider people as cattle.

note: please read the "Earth Charter" on Social Justice.

Education for a Global Citizenship sounds like such a great idea, after all we do all live in this world.  Shouldn't we treat each other with respect and share the work, responsibility and care for each other?  Unfortunately giving this much power and control to government achieves exactly the opposite.   Total government control over every aspect of human life means tagging and controlling your life, and telling you what you can and cannot do, how you spend your time, energy, faith and education.

"Don't think of being an American citizen, but a global citizen".  This thought of reverse nationalism is going to take us towards a world communitarian society, in which NGO (non governmental organizations) will ultimately control every aspect of our life, enforced by the government of your choice. When a global government is installed, there will be nowhere you can go without the long arm of the United Nations encumbering your life.

term: Look up New Global Citizens   "Mobilizing A Generation"

Facilities of Control

RFID spy chips
Intersection Cameras
Smart Water Meters
Smart Energy and Smart Gas Meters over a microwave network
Wildlands and Smart Growth projects

Leverage of control such as the Emergency War Power Act implemented under Wilson.

A very interesting note, is that the Income tax amendment and the Federal Reserve Act were also both implemented under Wilson.  He certainly had a busy, busy presidency.    Just look up our friend Col Edward Mandel House on Google.

Of course FDR decided to do one better, and included all people and all property under his revision of this emergency war power act.    For every president onward, this act has been renewed and expanded.

President Bush expanded it, and used it to the government benefit after 9-11.

President Obama just expanded it this month.

In order to forestall any such United Nations takeover of this country, we need to remember the most important aspect of our consitution.  The purpose of our constitution is to protect our rights and limit government.  The constitution does not give us rights.  The constitution binds government, and instructs them on the aspect of state and local life they are not allowed to intrude into.

Organizations like ICLEI are unconstitutional because they require local government to hand over planning rights and agreements to an international organization which is specifically prohibited by our constitution.

Am I properly getting this across to you?   The constitution governs how "we the people" want our nation to be run.   We can't give over our sovereignty to a world government and still believe we have the capacity to govern.

Global government will seem like an unstoppable boot pressed against your head until you comply with their wishes.   This is not freedom, this is tyranny.

I suggest that we all take a long hard look at these facts, do research and figure out how you and your family want to live into the future.


Monday, April 2, 2012

make original thought, choose what you believe, be unique

Don't just believe something you listen to.  Think about what you choose to cooperate with.

Don't just be sheep, and follow the herd.   Listen to latest April 1 Alex Jones interview, Sunday.

Why is it, that when someone speaks an idea you are not comfortable with, or disagree with, that makes you so nervious?   There are numerous instances where mere ideas are shrouded in mystery, people killed, information burned and ultimately forgotten.    Are you contributing to covering up the eventual blossom of an idea by simply ignoring it?   Or are you instead part of the problem where you actually go out of your way to cover up an idea just because it doesn't agree with you?

Bright scientists, Dim Notions.  Check into Francis Crick

"An Influential set of Chaps", The X club and royal society politics, 1864-1865

Dave Mustaine Unchained: Infowars Exclusive

Thursday, March 29, 2012

bob fletcher, oil, dollar, china and Japan

Did you hear that China and Japan struck a deal to trade oil in currencies other than dollars (a couple months ago)?

Are you invested into pre-1933 silver, private gold, and silver dollars minted by the US Mint?   The financial collapse we have been talking about, will happen this year.   You need to be prepared.   Get out of your 401k and paper traded in the markets, and trade in for real currency.

Did you check out the details of the Keystone pipeline?  It seems that Obama screwed over the oil elites, by not allowing US access to Keystone.   Check out the details.

Also check into Bob Fletcher, and legendary figure in Iran Contra.   Check it out!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Angelina jolie, globalist shill?

Why is angelina the poster celeb for the cfr?   What on earth is this kony 2012?   Are we going to invade africa now?    Do we really want to own the world.

Please, any country out there, the united states government and military power has gone insane.    We need help.

Calling all patriots.   The united states government has failed, and is led by actually insane people.


Artificial intelligence or carefully planned?

Do we really want to go here?

Article: control dangerous ai before it controls us.   Msnbc

Article: leak proofing the singularity, controlling ai


Monday, March 12, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nwo documentaries

New world order: blueprint of mad men



Young americans for liberty


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Social engineering

Hacking the social systems of humanity

William tarkenton

Foundations of social engineering

Use sysadmin from hell, bofh, dumpster diving, etc

Multigo, open source intelligence gathering
Map relationships, build on weights.

Greys anatomy
Symbolical head
Natural language of the facilities

Acting, question overloading, confusion
Claiming authority
Agressive posturing
Clipboard trick

"Let me verify" or "what is your user id" .vs. pattern interrupts
Neural lingustic programming
Boundary event
Time splitting
Rapport, mirroring, breath sync, lang matching, posture matching

Book: human buffer overflow, hagney

Inspiration from "too many secrets", movie: sneakers

Check mnemonics


Khan academy

Bill gates
Khan academy
School districts

Cross with learning, eugenics, one world, population control

Knowledge map



Control plane
Flow plane
Data plane
Physical silicon plane
Application plane

Look into intel IA architecture dpdk
Look into palo alto networks

Performance at 10mil/pp sec
How about 80mil pps?

Line rate?  Crystal forest platform

Up to 80Gbp/s crystal forest, architecture stays the same.

F5 appliance on intel architecture.

Sla rla?

Old: service level agreement
New: risk level agreement

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Head, gut or groin

Did you notice that america's funniest home videos has a "head, gut or groin" section now?    Does anyone compare this with idiocracy movie from mike judge?

Pretty scary stuff...


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eating or data processing?

It seems that when you eat food, you injest the rna and dna of the food in question.    Monsanto corp has argued tirelessly that the food rna and dna they genetically modify just passes through our bodies.

Surprise!  Look into cell magazine article on just this counter point.

You arebwhat you eat, literally.     We are just big computers, programming ourselves with food.


Friday, February 10, 2012

The rule of law, and serfdom...

One of the greatest thinkers of all time was Austrian economic Friedrich Hayek, and his work The Road to Serfdom is an absolute must-read.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raw milk? Check it out.

Book "untold story of milk"

Is it the pathogens that kill us, or perhaps should we just change the environment?   If your body kills the pathogens, I.e. strong immune system, you wont get milk.

Can you digest calcium without phostcase?

Take a look at hpt, high pressure treatment.  Does this replace homogenization.

Does pastuerization have ties to krohns disease.

Check out the rutgers univ. study on raw milk.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just blogging at the thunder bowl.

Stockton thunder hockey.

-- Photos shared with Fish Bowl Photo Gallery.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Feds, parks, dogs and tasers

Notes from the darkside

Civic center bart shooting, wobbly drunk?
Whole foods and monsanto?  Gmo food organic?
Fda forcing gmo onto shelves?

book: "With No Apologies" by Barry Goldwater


The only thing keeping me going...

Ephesians 6:10 () 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. #Bible

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We are all bomb technicians now.

In BART I just saw a poster that says, "bomb detectors" with a pair of eyes below.   Welcome to the "new" secure America.

And they are totally proud of it.   What stazi marketing people do they employ?



Investigate aspartame.   This artificial sweetner is in sugar products too.

Its the defecation of bacteria, its produced with.    The fda is corrupt


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

United nations fun in the sun

Look into "commisssions on global governance" and the released book "our global neighborhood".

Also check out related 1992 agenda 21 report.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Notes from the field, disneyland and time magazine

Time mag, "obamas world" by top cfr fareed zakaria,16641,20120130,00.html

Disneyworld®, department of defense, laboratory


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shadows of power and the cfr

Presentation by james perloff, new american, jbs
{ other presentations available }

Council on foreign relations

Pearl harbor, roberts commission, 19 days of hearings
Dereliction of duty, irregularities, kimmel and short
Naval court of inquiry
Wash had full knowledge of attacks
Army pearl harbor board, oct 20, 1944

"The final secret of pearl harbor"

John toland, "infamy, pearl harbor and its aftermath"

1989 "sacrifice at pearl harbor"

Wash knew, "the purple code" transcripts

Movie, "tora, tora, tora"

New american mag, "day of deceipt" fdr and pearl harbor

Wwi, sinking of the lucitania
Full of explosives, munitions

Joseph kenworthy, investigation
secret manifest ordered secret, fdr

"The lusitania" movie, history channel (discovery channel has stuff too)
Room 40, british naval intelligence

Spanish american war
Sinking of the maine, 1898

Discovery channel, unsolved history, death of the uss maine.

Korean war, 1950
Kim-il sung
Usa put sung in power
Stalin, conference of yalta, help in fighting japanese
Hands over weapons to mao tse tung

Foreign affairs, proposed north and south agreement.
Potsdam conference

Accidents do happen

James forrestal, quote of stupid in our favor
Investigate his death

Are we saying there is a conspiritorial view of history

Vietnam war
Gulf of tonkin resolution, 1964
James stockdale, memoirs, "in love and war"

Was this a wag the day event.

War in iraq
Wmd, not freedom and democracy
David kaye, wmd inspector

Or was it really the same group of men, behind all these wars?
The cfr
Long running organization

Kermit roosevelt, the definition of establishment
The legitimate mafia
International finance oligarchs

Jimmy carter, 1976 less than 4% before convention
Rockefeller and zbigniew brzenski

Article by barry goldwater, "with no apologies".

Book, "the shadows of power" james perloff

Foreign affairs, 1922-current

Professor rudolph gummel, study of death
Governments kill more people, than anything else.

Cfr, paris peace conference
Woodrow wilson + edward mandell house
Guardian angel of federal reserve act

Is inflation inevitable?

Price levels and cpi, 1665-1913 no inflation
Blips only during wars

Check into federal reserve act creation
Jeckyl island
Nelson aldrich
J.p. morgan interests
Bemjamin strong
Charles norton
Rothschild interests
Paul warburg, german banker, kuhn loeb company

Forbes wrote an article on jeckyl island

Frank vanderlip memoirs, jeckyl island

Paul warburg takes a job at the federal reserve board.
What is the ultimate reason for the creation of the federal reserve.

Charles lindburgh, fight against the federal reserve.
Most gigantic money trust on earth.
Stock market excitement

Louis mcfadden, it was a contrived occurance.

"Calculated shearing of the public"

Please get "the creature from jeckyl island"

Look up the term, fractional reserve banking

Do banks make more money loaning to individuals, or governments?
Secured through the too big too fail concept
The loans are secured by our tax revenue.

There was no federal income tax prior to 1913
Nelson aldrich introduced amendment in 1913
Started out at 1%
Concept of boiling frogs

after the federal reserve act, we went to war in 1914
The loaning started and inflation never went down

This is not free enterprise, its pure theft.

President taft had to be removed, and woodrow wilson was brought in

League of nations, colonel house draft to wilson
World government

United nations, informal agenda group

Check into marshall plan, funds.   Used to start european union to monet.

Tax dollars abroad?

Imf loans, imf steals land and fesources, baillouts gjanteed.

A.k. chesterson, money power quote

Vietnam war
Purposefully dragged on
Military industrial complex

Check the rules of engagement to see the total disconnect in command.

Who is responsible?    Walt rostow, recomendation to send troops to vietnam.    His whole family was communist.

Book, "the ordeal of otto otepka"

What caused president johnson to escalate the war

Book, "the wise men" by isaacson and thomas
Dean atchinson, communist

So what is the agenda today, peace and prosperity....?

Free trade agreements and the war on terror.

Who created the wto?

Senator ernest hollings, international corporations
International trade accords
New world order

Dept of homeland security proposed before 9-11
U.s. commission on national security, hart-rudman reports

Who will ultimately be defined as terrorists?

Pro-life are terrorists, normal americans are the target.

Robert pastor, continental security.

All these efforts are essentially a path towards world government.

The key to globalization is progressive regionalization.

New york times, created by ochs and rothschild money.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What if?

What if congress is like a drunk, and we sit back and let them drink over and over?

Who wants to take them to aa?    Sign up at

Who is to blame, the drunk or you?

Lawrence lessig, kwak and johnson

Too little government
Too much government

Republic lost, book
Government baillouts

90% financial instruments before 1980 traded in public

90% as of 2008 were traded off market, I.e. derrivatives, cdo, mers

Does this guy look like steve jobs, with his black shirt?

Money buys results in congress

12% believes in congress, more than that believed in the british crown in 1775.

This leads to complacancy in voting, corporations will still have too much power.

Republic, representative democracy, dependent on the people.

Now, dependent on the funders.

Congress now is more concerned and adjusting their view, based on fund raising for elections.

We need to find a way to fund campaigns with small dollar contributions.


Politcal movement to bring about change, rootstrikers.

Amendment or convention?
Need to build apolitics in a different way.
Sovereign movement?

Occupy Seattle website, cool?

Stick to your principles, but join together and find the common ground and focus to connect the dots, that frustrate all of us.

Root cause?   I put forward this is the international banking cartels, causing our financial difficulties, in the biggest heist on the planet.

Arnold Hyatt and Clinton story...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama's the new american royalty?

Who the hell cares what they ate?  We can do better.   I am going to sourse all these ingredients, and will be cooking a feast for our family way less than this.

When we worry about our leqders, and forget they are really our representatives, we've lost it.   Wait...aren't they supposed to remember why they are in office?

Safety and security, dhs and your transit hub

When it comes to our safety we can always use an extra pair of eyes.  Look around.  Be aware.  If something does not look right, let us know. -- transitwatch

See something, say something.  -- dhs

Wal mart tv dhs commercials
Cameras in your neighborhood?
Viper teams at amtrack
Viper teams on the highway

"Sobriety" checkpoints, which bring in more revenue for simple violations.

What have we come to?
Don't comply
Non violent resistence
Spend your dollar against the establishment
Move your money to local, family run banks and credit unions.

Investigate the federal reserve

$100 trillion imf davos credit line facility

Just what we need, more money leaking into the economy.

Foreign currency credit defualt swaps

Naomi prinz
Indefinite detention
goldman sachs whisleblower.

Google terms, find answers, teach others, communicate, protest

If your friends don't own books, buy them some.

Technocrats and more

"Minds like machines".  Technocrats + blog

Technocracy, autocracy, central banks, independent agencies.

Club of rome 1974
Global warming
Global financial crisis
Global war on terror
Global government, global governance
Agenda 21


Bertrand russel, what a guy.

"Impact of science on society".  Black too full...what if...   huh?

Produce beliefs...that the establishment considered accceptable.

Reference h.g. wells, "the shape of things to come".

Us global nanospace

Wtf?    Usgn in small towns, missouri.   Balistic side panels for helicopters and more.


What is it about?   Search lawrence lessig, citizen united

,, republic lost and follow related links. Information on fix congress first?

Zombie Larry Summers Could Reappear as Head of the World Bank


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What if our planet was being terraformed?

What if all this talk about Climate Change, Chemtrails, GMO food, weather manipulation, tsunamis, global war on *[terror,drugs,finance,guns,food] are all because they need the planet ready for when Satan is allowed the implode the planet during the end times?   What if it is all a constructed design for the Anti-Christ?

Just a thought...