Thursday, March 29, 2012

bob fletcher, oil, dollar, china and Japan

Did you hear that China and Japan struck a deal to trade oil in currencies other than dollars (a couple months ago)?

Are you invested into pre-1933 silver, private gold, and silver dollars minted by the US Mint?   The financial collapse we have been talking about, will happen this year.   You need to be prepared.   Get out of your 401k and paper traded in the markets, and trade in for real currency.

Did you check out the details of the Keystone pipeline?  It seems that Obama screwed over the oil elites, by not allowing US access to Keystone.   Check out the details.

Also check into Bob Fletcher, and legendary figure in Iran Contra.   Check it out!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Angelina jolie, globalist shill?

Why is angelina the poster celeb for the cfr?   What on earth is this kony 2012?   Are we going to invade africa now?    Do we really want to own the world.

Please, any country out there, the united states government and military power has gone insane.    We need help.

Calling all patriots.   The united states government has failed, and is led by actually insane people.


Artificial intelligence or carefully planned?

Do we really want to go here?

Article: control dangerous ai before it controls us.   Msnbc

Article: leak proofing the singularity, controlling ai


Monday, March 12, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nwo documentaries

New world order: blueprint of mad men



Young americans for liberty


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Social engineering

Hacking the social systems of humanity

William tarkenton

Foundations of social engineering

Use sysadmin from hell, bofh, dumpster diving, etc

Multigo, open source intelligence gathering
Map relationships, build on weights.

Greys anatomy
Symbolical head
Natural language of the facilities

Acting, question overloading, confusion
Claiming authority
Agressive posturing
Clipboard trick

"Let me verify" or "what is your user id" .vs. pattern interrupts
Neural lingustic programming
Boundary event
Time splitting
Rapport, mirroring, breath sync, lang matching, posture matching

Book: human buffer overflow, hagney

Inspiration from "too many secrets", movie: sneakers

Check mnemonics


Khan academy

Bill gates
Khan academy
School districts

Cross with learning, eugenics, one world, population control

Knowledge map



Control plane
Flow plane
Data plane
Physical silicon plane
Application plane

Look into intel IA architecture dpdk
Look into palo alto networks

Performance at 10mil/pp sec
How about 80mil pps?

Line rate?  Crystal forest platform

Up to 80Gbp/s crystal forest, architecture stays the same.

F5 appliance on intel architecture.

Sla rla?

Old: service level agreement
New: risk level agreement