Thursday, March 1, 2012

Khan academy

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Khan academy
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Cross with learning, eugenics, one world, population control

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Asif said...

I was wondering about the Khan Academy and why Bill Gates has given his blessing to it. Bill Gates is a prominent eugenicist, a proponent of a horrible theory that advocates "purifying" blood lines of "superior" human "stock" and exterminating the "weaker" portion of the species.

Could it be that the New World Order is using someone like Salman Khan to get their agenda across? I've been looking for an article that focuses on this. It may be that Mr. Khan is a genuinely talented individual, but I am troubled about how he gets money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He seems tainted with this massive inflow of cash from the Bilderbergers.

If musicians come out of nowhere and are suddenly propelled into stardom, it seems that educators like Khan are really no different. Remember Obama was only a junior senator and now he's suddenly president. So this works with politicians. The globalist elite simply have to co-opt a rising star, and then use that person to get their message across.

This is mere speculation on my part. I was just wondering if anyone was thinking the way I did. I generally am leery of the mainstream media's hype over Mr. Khan. They usually want us to be distracted over trivialities. If Khan was someone that could really empower the masses, then they would not promote him. That's just my hunch.

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