Monday, April 2, 2012

make original thought, choose what you believe, be unique

Don't just believe something you listen to.  Think about what you choose to cooperate with.

Don't just be sheep, and follow the herd.   Listen to latest April 1 Alex Jones interview, Sunday.

Why is it, that when someone speaks an idea you are not comfortable with, or disagree with, that makes you so nervious?   There are numerous instances where mere ideas are shrouded in mystery, people killed, information burned and ultimately forgotten.    Are you contributing to covering up the eventual blossom of an idea by simply ignoring it?   Or are you instead part of the problem where you actually go out of your way to cover up an idea just because it doesn't agree with you?

Bright scientists, Dim Notions.  Check into Francis Crick

"An Influential set of Chaps", The X club and royal society politics, 1864-1865

Dave Mustaine Unchained: Infowars Exclusive

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