Friday, January 20, 2012

Lawrence lessig, kwak and johnson

Too little government
Too much government

Republic lost, book
Government baillouts

90% financial instruments before 1980 traded in public

90% as of 2008 were traded off market, I.e. derrivatives, cdo, mers

Does this guy look like steve jobs, with his black shirt?

Money buys results in congress

12% believes in congress, more than that believed in the british crown in 1775.

This leads to complacancy in voting, corporations will still have too much power.

Republic, representative democracy, dependent on the people.

Now, dependent on the funders.

Congress now is more concerned and adjusting their view, based on fund raising for elections.

We need to find a way to fund campaigns with small dollar contributions.


Politcal movement to bring about change, rootstrikers.

Amendment or convention?
Need to build apolitics in a different way.
Sovereign movement?

Occupy Seattle website, cool?

Stick to your principles, but join together and find the common ground and focus to connect the dots, that frustrate all of us.

Root cause?   I put forward this is the international banking cartels, causing our financial difficulties, in the biggest heist on the planet.

Arnold Hyatt and Clinton story...

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