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Shadows of power and the cfr

Presentation by james perloff, new american, jbs
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Council on foreign relations

Pearl harbor, roberts commission, 19 days of hearings
Dereliction of duty, irregularities, kimmel and short
Naval court of inquiry
Wash had full knowledge of attacks
Army pearl harbor board, oct 20, 1944

"The final secret of pearl harbor"

John toland, "infamy, pearl harbor and its aftermath"

1989 "sacrifice at pearl harbor"

Wash knew, "the purple code" transcripts

Movie, "tora, tora, tora"

New american mag, "day of deceipt" fdr and pearl harbor

Wwi, sinking of the lucitania
Full of explosives, munitions

Joseph kenworthy, investigation
secret manifest ordered secret, fdr

"The lusitania" movie, history channel (discovery channel has stuff too)
Room 40, british naval intelligence

Spanish american war
Sinking of the maine, 1898

Discovery channel, unsolved history, death of the uss maine.

Korean war, 1950
Kim-il sung
Usa put sung in power
Stalin, conference of yalta, help in fighting japanese
Hands over weapons to mao tse tung

Foreign affairs, proposed north and south agreement.
Potsdam conference

Accidents do happen

James forrestal, quote of stupid in our favor
Investigate his death

Are we saying there is a conspiritorial view of history

Vietnam war
Gulf of tonkin resolution, 1964
James stockdale, memoirs, "in love and war"

Was this a wag the day event.

War in iraq
Wmd, not freedom and democracy
David kaye, wmd inspector

Or was it really the same group of men, behind all these wars?
The cfr
Long running organization

Kermit roosevelt, the definition of establishment
The legitimate mafia
International finance oligarchs

Jimmy carter, 1976 less than 4% before convention
Rockefeller and zbigniew brzenski

Article by barry goldwater, "with no apologies".

Book, "the shadows of power" james perloff

Foreign affairs, 1922-current

Professor rudolph gummel, study of death
Governments kill more people, than anything else.

Cfr, paris peace conference
Woodrow wilson + edward mandell house
Guardian angel of federal reserve act

Is inflation inevitable?

Price levels and cpi, 1665-1913 no inflation
Blips only during wars

Check into federal reserve act creation
Jeckyl island
Nelson aldrich
J.p. morgan interests
Bemjamin strong
Charles norton
Rothschild interests
Paul warburg, german banker, kuhn loeb company

Forbes wrote an article on jeckyl island

Frank vanderlip memoirs, jeckyl island

Paul warburg takes a job at the federal reserve board.
What is the ultimate reason for the creation of the federal reserve.

Charles lindburgh, fight against the federal reserve.
Most gigantic money trust on earth.
Stock market excitement

Louis mcfadden, it was a contrived occurance.

"Calculated shearing of the public"

Please get "the creature from jeckyl island"

Look up the term, fractional reserve banking

Do banks make more money loaning to individuals, or governments?
Secured through the too big too fail concept
The loans are secured by our tax revenue.

There was no federal income tax prior to 1913
Nelson aldrich introduced amendment in 1913
Started out at 1%
Concept of boiling frogs

after the federal reserve act, we went to war in 1914
The loaning started and inflation never went down

This is not free enterprise, its pure theft.

President taft had to be removed, and woodrow wilson was brought in

League of nations, colonel house draft to wilson
World government

United nations, informal agenda group

Check into marshall plan, funds.   Used to start european union to monet.

Tax dollars abroad?

Imf loans, imf steals land and fesources, baillouts gjanteed.

A.k. chesterson, money power quote

Vietnam war
Purposefully dragged on
Military industrial complex

Check the rules of engagement to see the total disconnect in command.

Who is responsible?    Walt rostow, recomendation to send troops to vietnam.    His whole family was communist.

Book, "the ordeal of otto otepka"

What caused president johnson to escalate the war

Book, "the wise men" by isaacson and thomas
Dean atchinson, communist

So what is the agenda today, peace and prosperity....?

Free trade agreements and the war on terror.

Who created the wto?

Senator ernest hollings, international corporations
International trade accords
New world order

Dept of homeland security proposed before 9-11
U.s. commission on national security, hart-rudman reports

Who will ultimately be defined as terrorists?

Pro-life are terrorists, normal americans are the target.

Robert pastor, continental security.

All these efforts are essentially a path towards world government.

The key to globalization is progressive regionalization.

New york times, created by ochs and rothschild money.

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